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Welcome to Cambridge Old Student's Association

The main school at Sriniwaspuri was the epitome of a traditional school - an imposing red and white brick structure - very dominating yet comforting combination. Today the structure has been renovated to suit the growing needs of a growing institution. The sprawling playground lined with trees at the edges have seen innumerable races and football matches, volleyball games, slam-dunks in basketball, and countless students enjoy the best moments of their childhood in school.

The reigns of leadership have changed hands over the years, with various Principals at the helm of affairs, each unique in his or her own style of administration. This illustrious institution has seen 75 glorious years of bringing up children, literally, and the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations in 2006 have justified the efforts made over the decades.

Cambridgealumni.com is an effort to bring together as many alumni of this great school together and begin the process of creating a concrete alumni association. This may be a long way away, but a small step for the Cambridgealumi.com team could be a giant leap for the Cambridge School Alumni. The rest, as the wise say, time will tell.

The team profoundly thanks all the members who have taken the time to fill up the form and register. We hope, at the end of the day, the end justifies the means.

Here's a small tribute to one of the oldest and best schools in Delhi...
So welcome, Alumni of Cambridge School!!!!




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